CALL for partners! Staff mobility projects

Dodano: 30 listopada, 2023r.

Bullerbyn Foundation is looking for international partners for two staff mobility programs – in the fields of alternative education and sustainable solutions for children recreation and community building. For both initiatives we envision collaboratively creating plans of visits, workshops or job shadowing activities, that will enable us to exchange methods of work and to draw inspiration from other teams and projects. We would like to apply for Erasmus+ funds in February 2024.

Staff mobility of Astrid High School and Bullerbyn Free Democratic School 

PARTNERS’ CALL: We are looking for schools and high schools (democratic or alternative) whose staff would like to exchange methods of work with us. We are from two projects of Bullerbyn Foundation with same core values, similar methods but a bit different setting. We are thinking of a job shadowing project or a series of visits and workshops around issues that interest us.

Contact: [email protected]

Staff mobility with Bullerbyn Village Project

PARTNERS’ CALL: We are looking for partners with a background in ecology and sustainable practices in community building. In the coming years we would like to improve our facilities and include many ecological practices and solutions. Our preference would be an organization with experience in the field of childrens’ recreation (organizing summer camps or else), but it’s not a must. We would like to cocreate a series of visits where partners could learn and get practical inspiration from each other.

Contact: [email protected]

More about us:

Astrid High School is a place for youth who want to be outside of the traditional system school. Our program is about being in a community and developing interests and passions through it. We believe that there is no one good way to learn things, but we all need time to grow in areas that we like to be good at. That’s why in our school youth has only basic school classes (eg. math, Polish, English, etc.) and many other workshops, activities and projects. Twice a week we have meetings of our community where we discuss school matters and decide on our common plans and excursions (like ice skating, visiting museums, escape rooms, etc). At our program everyone has individual tutoring, where students receive support in planning how to learn and develop their interests. This alternative school is located in the city of Warsaw.

Bullerbyn Free Democratic School is a unique half boarding school for children and youth fully emerged in the democratic education. Every week we spend 3 days in the village near Warsaw where we live in a community of young people and adults. We learn from each other, create projects, take part in classes and workshops, celebrate together and attend school meetings where decisions are taken by the whole community. We live in this vibrant environment and participate in various activities that emerge on a daily basis. Many of us hold various roles and responsibilities. Adults act as mentors and tutors for children and youth. The other two days of every week we spend exploring Warsaw on various excursions or participating in workshops in our base in the city. Our democratic school is a unique programme crafted during the last 12 years.

Bullerbyn Village is a summer camp project with the core values of trust and respect for childrens’ needs. It’s a community of children and adults, created on our land every summer for the past 15 years. A great importance is given here to the relationships between children and adults. Educators at Bullerbyn Village act as guides, who inspire and encourage children to take up activities and who are able to listen and accept children’s emotions. They talk about personal boundaries and feelings and model behavior with their own attitude, caring for the needs of both children and their own. Children have space to explore, test their ideas and projects, also to experience conflicts or failures in a safe environment. And of course free play is the most common activity, but so is taking a rest or being bored. Besides, we love Nature and she is a great guide for us all!